Antarctic melt

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Antarctic melt The earth in danger, some researchers estimate the time this summer on the Continent Antarctica could be the summer with the last layer of thin ice. One of the research from Uniersitas Washington Muyin wang do a project analysis by using the 6 computer models including utilizing new technology to analyze the physical conditions in the ice Artik.

Data generated from the project are then combined with the results of the observation of ice conditions Artik during summer 2007 and 2008. Shortening icing on artik when summer is going on outside estimates. Extraordinary, the ice layer was covered area of 2.8 million square miles or 4.6 million square km, recede into 620,000 square miles, or 1 million square km. Area shrinkage is even close to 2 times the area of U.S. States.

Most of this area there is ice at the North of Greenland and Canada, or the wane in the region that separates Alaska and Russia. Its eternal ice melt this according to some experts, is due to the excessive fuel causing global warming.

Artik region is often called the refrigerator because the earth is eternal ice to help stabilize the earth's temperature due to hack-ray radiation from the sun. shrink because of ice, hot sun directly strike the surface of the water so that heat is also menaikan water temperature and air temperature. Can be tough, the weather is very hot, therefore sparing of fuel and stop global warming.