Wimax is??

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Wimax isWimax is?? Internet connection with high-speed wireless is now becoming increasingly mobile society demands. Not only faster, cheaper is already a demand. WiMAX may be the presence of all the charges.
WiMAX or Word Wide Interoperability for Microwave Access is a wireless technology that provides a wide path in a relationship long distance. Broadband technology, it also has a high-speed access with a wide range. In addition, WiMAX is also the issue of open standards to provide the WiMAX communication device can be used among several different vendors that can still be made. WiMAX has its own speed of the data to 70 Mbps.
Differences WiMAX and Wi-Fi
The difference lies in its technical standards incorporated in it. if the WiFi standard IEEE combine with 80.11 (European Telecommunications Standars Intitute) HiperLAN as technical standars suitable for WLAN, WiMAX is the merger between standars IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) 802.16 standard ETSI Hiper-MAN.