Getting Your Pages Ranked In The Major Engines

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Getting Your Pages Ranked In The Major EnginesGetting Your Pages Ranked In The Major Engines. For years now Search engine marketing has taken on many forms and has evolved into what we know it today. But one thing that has stayed the same is the fact that content is still king, no matter what industry you reside in. Writing relevant original high quality content allows for Google to crawl, index, and rank your pages quicker than ever which is just what you want. So how do you go about this process?

It’s not enough just to be building links in the search engines all day long. There needs to be something else to your game, and this is where strategy comes into play. Google is essentially a library full of websites, and when you go to the library, you expect to be given the most relevant and appropriate items that the library has to offer. Websites, like books, are full of useful content in one way or another. When embarking on an SEO campaign, the element of a website that will get you noticed more than anything is your content. If you are able to create relevant content for your website, you put yourself in good stead for when trying to index and rank your pages in the search engines. These can be in the form of articles, press releases, tutorials, or any textual content that will help give your site more coverage. Once this content has been created, you can go ahead and syndicate (submit) articles and press releases, which will generate links back to the site. To speed up the process, it is advisable to ping these new pages and inform the engines about what you have created. It is also good practice to update both the html and xml sitemap to further increase the chance of crawl. A feature which is becoming more and more popular is social bookmarking where people can look at a page, and if they think it is worthwhile, will bookmark the page. Google gives points to pages that have been bookmarked, and can increase positions in the engines when this has been done.

So there is plenty to be getting on with, and a Search engine optimisers work is never really done, it just extends itself further and further.