Rabbit cattle business learning

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 business learningPerhaps this type of business you can use to your success. And hopefully you get the inspiration and positive thoughts after reading this article that I can reference from the People's Sovereignty. Not excessive, when visiting the farm center better known 'Palace Bunny' jl.Godean located at Km 5.3 Nogosaren, Village Nogotirto, Gamping District, Sleman District will get a double advantage.
There was also buying and selling service and providing learning methods in a practical breeding rabbits. According to Slamet S Ripto, he trusted to manage the cattle rabbits approximately one and a half years ago, owned by H dilahan Aris Munandar covering approximately 300 square meters. At first, there are only two main tail which later evolved into many.

Less than half a year, began to sell nearly 100 fish plus a few guinea pigs. Since then the farm was given the name 'Rabbit Palace', because in addition to their own breeding also serves sale and trade.

Currently the average per day were sold between 5-10 tail, either coming directly into the cage farm or the market served-traditional markets. Every day Slamet around the traditional markets, such as market Godean, Cebongan, Sleman, Tlagarejo, Gamping and Yogyakarta.

Price per tail sold Rp. Rex 30,000.00 to type, are the least expensive type of guinea pig 25.000, 00 the most expensive to 150,000, 00 per cow. In the cage 'Palace Bunny' is now available 50 fish carriers, 40 chicks and 50 guinea pigs tails, type a rex, Angora, Dutch, lop, Flemish, and local Himalayas. ARabbit breeding success the key is clean and disciplined, both in providing food and drinks and cleaning the cage. So, do not give up, try new things and wish you success.