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Kngine is Web 3.0 Search Engine is designed to provide customized meaningful search results. We are working on new technologies to unlock meaning; rather than indexing the documents in Inverted Index fashion, Kngine understand the documents and the search queries in ...order to provide meaningful search results. Kngine can answer questions/queries like: - Sin city director - Who were the combatants in the hundred years war? - IPhone 3GS vs. Google Nexus One - How to speak Arabic - HP Acquisition - Egypt capital - Effivel tower on the map - Top 10 Countries by Public Debt - Comic book characters - How many people live in Paris ? - How old is Mohamed Hosny Mobarak? - Brad Pitt Movies - Highest structure? - UK GDP vs. Denmark GDP Kngine can understand words with multiple-meanings, generate smart information around concepts, and return different user experience. Kngine also provides users with updated live search experience such as: Weather Condition, Stock price, Currency Price, and Latest Sport match results as well as view Maps, song lyrics, and built-in spell checking. Kngine, as it exists today, is just the beginning.