Honda CBR 250R Modification full

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As of this writing, this is it Honda CBR 250R is the first modification in total. Start body, the legs until the variation. So immediately make a scene!
Because the first project, many new findings that can be listened to and be a guide for the CBR 250R owners who want ngemodif next. Especially the legs that are most widely replaced.
"The CBR is more easily if dimodif using a single-family waste. The process of installation is also so easy and faster," sure Ariawan Wijaya, New skipper Motor Sport (BMS), which sprayed fortune this time. Oh yes, this bike is owned by Raymond Suyanto who was the chairman CBR Club Indonesia (CCI).
According to Ari again, after studying the construction, he just chose the waste from the CBR 600 and CBR 1000. "The dimensions there is a difference, but it only takes a little adjustment when inserted into the CBR 250," said the man from Apex, Central Java.
For example, when he paired the swing arm and monosoknya CBR 600. "Transformation to as soknya so that very little can be installed seamlessly," said the man who is awaiting the birth of his first son this.
Pro link system in monosok also easy to install. That is one example of the ease if still using CBR products

Honda zbr 250R modifikasi

So also when will install upisde down. This time Ari choose from CBR 1000. "It's also easy to install, even to the same ignition position so that it can plek," he explained again.
For the triangular top is replaced, as well as komstir. But, once again did not elaborate. "As it happens also is being pursued in order pengerjaanya time only two weeks, with a focus on using CBR waste like this, given the deadline could be pursued.
Meanwhile, the body matters because Raymond would like more sporty and racing look, the stern can be improvement. The system now so single sitter seat. "So also sepatbor front of the CBR 1000 and a back custom," said resident Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta this.
With the election of a yellow color that is not unusual for Honda, Raymond desire to be different and be a successful mascot CCI. One more thing, this is the first totally know! (

Honda zbr 250R modifikasi

Because projected as the club mascot, it should have the impression of sophisticated, hi-tech and modern. At least that's what Raymond had in mind.
"Because it will be brought hang out till night, then there must be unique in the lamp utaman," the reason this stocky man again.
BMS party just so happened to bring light to the projector and a unique angle eyes.
"Because we make lights can mutually colors with a choice of 16 colors," said Ari said, mentioning that there are color variations of blue, purple, pink, yellow and other bright colors.
To change the color, simply press the remote. Please select a color according to the existing 16 buttons. Besides the main light is also already use HID. So, really deserve to be called the club mascot.

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