Hot Pose of Osama Bin Laden Nephew

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Nephew Osama Posing Almost Naked

Hot Pose of Osama Bin Laden Nephew - Who does not know Osama Bin Laden - terrorist fugitives most wanted and most hated. He became the mastermind of terror attacks 11 September 2001 that killed thousands of people.
Before he died at the hands of the elite U.S. Navy SEAL Sunday, May 1, 2011, Osama did not stop calling for jihad against Western countries. However, not all family members follow the advice fugitive whose head valued U.S. $ 50 million dollars this. Some members of the Bin Laden clan actually embrace the western way of life.
Look at one of 23 sons of Osama bin Laden, Omar Osama bin Laden (29). Rather than follow in the footsteps of his father, he actually claimed to be 'ambassador of peace' between the Islamic world and the West. He even married a British woman who was nearly twice that of age.
"I try and and said to my father, looking for other ways to reach your goal. Bomb, a weapon, its impact is not good for anyone."
According to some information on Omar Bin Laden at the camp of Jihad in Sudan and Afghanistan, along with the fighters who had tested chemical weapons on a number of puppies.
In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 2010, Omar claimed to want to work at the United Nations, met President Barack Obama, and Clinton, Hillary Clinton. In the interview, he even compared himself to Hollywood actor, Mel Gibson.
Not only that nyeleneh Omar, Osama's nephew, Wafah Dufour went even further.Graduated from Columbia University School of Law is determined to pose nearly naked on the cover of GQ men's magazine in 2005. Her body was covered only by camel fur.
Like Omar, he dreamed of a Hollywood star, singer or movie star. "Although relatives, I had nothing to do with him (Osama). But, because he, the Western world hates me, on the contrary, because I chose to apply Western values, the people of Saudi Arabia hates me," said Wafah Dufour. Hot Pose of Osama Bin Laden Nephew | fedoce 
Even Osama's mother had refused his son's way of thinking. "I have no ties with Al Qaeda organization," he told the Saudi Newspaper. "I'm just worried about my child and preaching about it."
Meanwhile, the Telegraph had reported, as a mother, like any Osama, still he loves. "I prayed, God showed the right path, away from the wrong thoughts. My mother who suffer most."
Meanwhile, children Osama others, following his father's steps. Osama third child, Saad, reportedly active in Al Qaeda, although not a key figure. July 2009, Saad reportedly killed in U.S. attack in Pakistan.
Meanwhile, Osama's youngest son, Hamza Bin Laden was reported a number of media in Pakistan as the leader of a team sent to kill Benazir Bhutto who was killed December 2007.
A poem written Hamza in 2008 to commemorate the July 7, 2005 bombings in London that killed 52 people.
In the poem he calls himself the nickname of 'Crown Prince of Terror', called for the destruction of the United States, Britain, France and Denmark - who became the target of terror because of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Hot Pose of Osama Bin Laden Nephew (Source: Daily Mail, The Age)