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Naruto Spoiler 539 Naruto Spoiler 539 Naruto Spoiler 539

Probably not completely accurate. Chapter title is "Night of Blood"
Naruto says one day he wants to get rid of the Kyuubi's hatred too. Kyuubi tells him to not get cocky.
Neji has trouble standing from overusing the Byakugan.
Kiba tells him to go see the medical squad.
The medical squad is in chaos when Neji shows up.
Something about a suspicious man appearing and healing Neji? The wording is extremely vague.
Nagato and Itachi talk about Akatsuki and their eyes.
Three jounin medical squad members are killed.
Neji looks around with his Byakugan.
The medical squad is treating patients like normal.
The suspicious man passes a love letter to Sakura.
Sakura says she already has someone she likes.
Neji enters the room where people are being treated.
Neji questions some members of the squad, and suddenly kills (or just injures) them.

Translation for itachi and nagato conversation:
Nagato: Just how much did you know about Akatsuki?
Itachi: More than you did, I'm sure.
Nagato: Hmph. You and I both ended up as shinobi used by others...and we owe it all thanks to these overwhelmingly powerful ocular powers* of ours. Even this time, the operator saves us for later.
Itachi: Pain, as long as we have those two ocular powers - the powers of your Six Paths and my Mangekyou Sharingan- it's safe to say we can do almost anything. As for the operator ( Kabuto ), with this timing, [he] intends to use my genjutsu powers
Nagato: Itachi...being in Akatsuki, truly you were a shinobi locked in darkness

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