Story of cinderella

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story of cinderellaStory of cinderellafedoce. At one time there was a girl who is unhappy living with father, stepmother, stepfatherand two sisters. He was made to work hard every day and sleep on the cold floor nearthe fireplace every night and that is why he is known by the name of Cinderella. Oneday an invitation came to invite everyone to attend a massive dance party in honor ofthe prince. All the people left behind his grief and loneliness.

Suddenly a fairy, he's dressed with the beautiful Cinderella, changing the pumpkininto a carriage, and mice into a horse. And bring Cinderella to the place. Soon afterthat the prince saw Cinderella and asked Cinderella to dance with her and not with others throughout the night.Story of cinderella

story of cinderellaHowever at midnight Cinderella ran from the prince, but he lost one shoe. Princelooking for the owner of the shoe.

Finally he finds Cinderella and live happily ever after.

Story of cinderella