LG dual-screen smartphone

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LG dual-screen smartphone - The Android-based LG phone you're on the point of see could be a pretty customary smartphone till the instant you slide out the QWERTY keyboard. There you will find another touchscreen right within the middle of it. Awkward, isn't it?
Ok, this is often not the primary dual-screen LG smartphone with strange style we tend to meet. many we tend toeks ago we informed you concerning the US Cellular headed LG Genesis. As a comparison it had a rather uninspiring hardware, with even less helpful second touchscreen (it may are created as a slider, that means the second screen wouldn’t are needed).

LG dual-screen smartphoneLG dual-screen smartphone    

Anyway, this fella here still has no name and was shown at an occasion held by Orange and Kineto Wireless in London. it absolutely was concerning Kineto's good WiFi resolution and this LG handset was a part of the demonstration. LG dual-screen smartphone.

The device incorporates a sufficiently big capacitive touchscreen (most in all probability WVGA) and a second touchscreen within the middle of the QWERTY keyboard. the blokes over at Pocket-Lint had solely one or two of minutes with the gadget and that they could not notice the other purpose of the second screen except the dedicated eight shortcuts (two of them were customizable).

 LG dual-screen smartphoneLG dual-screen smartphone

The mysterious LG dual-screen device
The mysterious LG handsets was a T-Mobile USA branded device and in step with a previously leaked roadmap it would end up to be FLIP II or Maxx Q. LG dual-screen smartphonefedoce