Mozilla using sound

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Mozilla using soundMozilla using sound?? In this post we will study about it.
Mozilla is one of the browsing software that is very popular at this time. Mozilla can be optimized by using the add on in accordance with what we want to optimize. Mozilla can also be optimized with the script. This is called a tweak Mozilla, which can be seen in the previous post.
Unfortunately Mozilla does not have any sound, such as internet explorer is muted after each click or click the link when finished open. But for Mozilla users do not worry, because the Mozilla add on sound have the Navigational Sounds.

By installing the Mozilla add on such as internet explorer akan that can be voiced every click. Enjoy the advantages Mozilla Click here to install the add on.

Click add to firefox to install the add on. as in the picture.

Click here
to add on firefox Speed
Click here to add on firefox optimization