WiFi-N mobile wireless router

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Networking company TRENDnet have announced a new 150Mbps mobile wireless router, that – similar to a Mifi – allows you to create a wireless hotspot using 3G or 4G networks. However, unlike the MiFi the TRENDnet TEW-655BR3G has no internal WWAN connection of its own,. and instead relies on a USB 3G or 4G modem. The company claims that no software or drivers are required, it’s simply a case of slotting in your modem and sharing it with multiple WiFi clients.

Also unlike the MiFi, the TRENDnet router supports WiFi 802.11n rather than merely b/g; that probably won’t make a difference to how fast your 3G/4G connection makes it through, but it should cut down the time it takes to transfer files between connected computers. The unfortunate sting in the tail is that, while the TEW-655BR3G does have a Li-Ion battery, it only lasts for 1.5hrs.

Still, the battery is user-replacable so you could always carry a few spares if you need longer untethered connectivity. TRENDnet reckon the TEW-655BR3G will arrive in early April 2010, priced at $99.99.

by : www.slashgear.com