BlueLink BL-R33N 300M Extreme Range

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Wifi router Bluelink BL-R33NIncreased Internet access needs, resulting wirelles router (wifi) so the rise. Currently we can find a variety hostpot / wifi area cafes and cafe. With a series of N wifi technology, data trasfer speed was higher and the coverage became more widely available.
Wifi router Wirelles output Bluelink example, the BL-R33N, has a data transfer speed remarkable. Reach 85-95 Mbps. BL-R33N has the farthest range and faster data transfer than most any brand of standard conditions without modification. BL-R33N who had entered the Indonesian market, but has amazing speed is also supported with a variety of features that makes the BL-R33N a Wifi router N series Indonesian art market. Bluelink BL-R33N is multi-functional Wifi, in one unit can be a router, access point and repeater in the same unit, so the range can be expanded. BL-R33N also has the advantages of Plug and Play. Users do not have trouble doing configuration. Simply connect the source of Internet access to the BL-R33N, turn on and click the wifi facility on your PC / laptop and connect instantly connected, so you can do browsing, uploading, downloading or streaming with ease.
In addition, BL-R33N-channel capable scanner, which can detect any channels that have been used by other Wifi in the area. Thus, BL-R33N can take an empty channel in order to obtain maximum results.
BL-R33N also accompanied encrypted network security technology WPS (use Ralink configuration utility). WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) is a new standard in network security encryption codes are very long. WPS is a gang carried by the principal when the network equipment maker where most of the other principal like Dlink, Linksys still wearing WPS software version, but Bluelink BL-R33N already have WPS on board (hardware version). Bluelink also issued a guide in the Indonesian language to facilitate the users in the BL-R33N configuration.