Framework Of Princess Diana

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framework of princess dianaFramework of Princess Diana met??? What comes to mind when you hear it? Yes .. It is a miracle. I am writing this from the information Amiruddin Zuhri "jogja journalist". An international research group claimed the possibility of discovery framework Eadgyth Princess, a royal princess from the 10th century. Mark Horton, a professor of archaeologists from the University of Bristol in western England said the princess was very famous for prilakunya very sympathetic and often equated with Princess Diana. "Everyday personality similar to Diana, beautiful and atif". Mark Horton said.
It is also found in the history of Gandersheim Hroswitha from the same era with Eagdgyth, mentioned Eagdgyth known as a beautiful princess who charms a queen.
Eagdgyth has two children. Like Diana, she died at the young age of 36 years. Testing process is expected to take time frame of six months.
This skeleton was found wrapped in silk in the Cathedral of Magdeburg, Germany, In 2008, archaeologists found a coffin bearing the name which contains the framework Eagdgyth a nearly complete body and wrapped in silk. Testing will now be conducted to determine the age and the context where it came from.
But there are those who doubt these findings. Gareth Williams, a curator from the British Museum, said that, if the framework has proven to come from the west or the south of England, undoubtedly belonged Eagdgyth. Because Eagdgyth grew in the late 10th century, a period when his half-brother, King Athelstan, extending his power in England and his sister use to enhance his influence among foreign businessmen. Yes .. hopefully an article I wrote this could provide benefits