How to anticipate cell phone viruses

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How to anticipate cell phone virusesTalking about mobile phone viruses are not endless, and very important reason, over time the number of mobile phone virus that spreads are not the less, it grows. A successful virus attack can usually remove the phone can drain pulse data, can even turn off the phone.

One of the new virus that emerged earlier this year is the "Curse of Silence" According to some experts, Virus Curse of Silence is very disturbing, because it can block (lock) all the sms that will goeven can not receive sms from anyone. The way these viruses work was considered unusual.

For example when using sms more than 32 characters, then there is little identity that make the message recognizable as email. Automatically, the virus will live and work by itself. And slowly but surely, the phone can not receive sms.

Worse yet, the virus that likes to Symbian OS is still not found a cure. And now the more mobile vendors release of Symbian OS phones. It could be many phones that will become victims of the violence of this virus.

However, there are several important steps that could avoid the phone got a virus.
How to anticipate cell phone viruses???
First, do not ever turn on the bluetooth without the urgent needs. This step is sufficient to protect your phone from virus attacks that spread via Bluetooth.

Second, should be careful when receiving shipments from the people. When accepting applications sent via Bluetooth or open attachments in the MMS Inbox. It is better reviewed thoroughly in advance. Make sure the sender is someone you trust. If there is content that is not familiar, it's better not to open or better deleted.

Third, because the intenet browsing with a mobile phone is now popular in the community, the content used or downloading actually try official. So do not open the unofficial site, is to anticipate the threat of the virus into the cell phone.

There is good mobile phone equipped with antivirus to block the phone from viruses. If the phone is contaminated by the virus, do the rescue immediately. For example go to the official mobile phone service.
Hopefully these tips can be useful for all ..