How to tap phones

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How to tap phonesHmm… This time, tap tap is getting to be a horrendous thing. Especially for people who have power and position, for example ... such cases of alleged bribery of government officials who played in the open. Hmm .. lame!? Therefore, here I'll share a little about How to tap phones, which I learned from the science editor of pulses. Quite easy, because only by using the application on your communication tool. But keep in mind, here I am just sharing. Positive or negative impacts depending on how much faith you practice.

VoxTrack Personal
directly. For this, we can use the application name VoxTrack Personal. Applications that are made Psiloc this function to record phone conversations, phone calls and get out without having to press any button. Course of the application process does not make a sound or warning, so this application can be called a spy applications. Make it easy? Interested? Please download free here.
SMS Anywhere
Well, who is working with sms system. Application process, go all the sms sent or received on the target phone and work without the consent of the owner of the phone by forwarding to the desired number. This application can be run automatically and without appearing on the screen, because it does not use the user interface, so you can say spy applications. Interested? Please download free here.
This one can monitor all activities conducted target phone. From an sms to a phone conversation. The data will be sent via GPRS to a server FlexiSpy, and can be seen without the consent of the owner of the phone. You can automatically record the results of surveillance FlexiSpy to your PC via the applications Flexi Record with MP3 file format. Interested? Please download
Well .. about this one, almost the same as FlexiSpy, but this application can work record internet browsing history on the phone to the GPS. If you want to use it, please subscribe to the
Well, I hope my writing can be useful for all the friends.